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Resource Efficiency Action Plans

​​​A Resource Efficiency Action Plan is the output arising from an on-site assessment or audit of how an organisation uses its energy, water and waste resources.

Expert assessors will scrutinise how effectively your organisation uses its resources and make recommendations based on their findings. Some examples of audit recommendations are: 

  • Upgrade office lighting with energy efficient alternatives.
  • Optimise use of Building Management Systems controls.
  • Remove general waste bins from individual desks.
  • Increase number of bins for recycling and composting.
  • Reduce flow rates on taps.
  • Discontinue use of single use plastics throughout organisation.
  • Establish in-house Green Team from staff and management representatives.
  • Green Team devises and implements Green Action Plan.
  • Reflect and promote the organisation's green credentials as part of its corporate identity.
Please see links below for other examples of Departmental Resource Efficiency Action Plans.