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New LIFE Work Programme 2018-2020

​2018 marks the beginning of the second phase of the LIFE 2014-20 Programme. Under the LIFE Multi-Annual Work Programme (MAWP) 2018-2020, there will be calls in 2018, 2019 and 2020 in the fields of nature, the environment and climate. The 2018 LIFE Call launched on 18 April 2018 accompanied by the publication of the application packages including guidance documents.  For the Environment sub-programme (including nature), the 2018 LIFE Call marks the introduction of a new two-stage application process. This initially involves submission of a 10-page Concept Note. If this is approved, a Full Proposal must be submitted. Writing the Concept Note requires considerably less effort compared to writing a Full Proposal, so this change from previous years will mean less initial time commitment, with applicants knowing whether they have a chance of success before the bulk of the work in preparing a Full Proposal.


Types of projects covered by LIFE

  • Demonstration – puts into practice, tests and disseminates methods that are new or unknown in the specific context of the project and can be more widely applied
  • Pilot – aims to evaluate whether targeted new techniques and methods work which offer advantages to current best practice
  • Best practice – only for 'Nature' projects:  state-of-the-art existing techniques for conservation of species/habitats
  • Information awareness and dissemination projects

Critical elements of a LIFE Project:

  • EU added-value – What EU policies, objectives or legislation does your project support?
  • Innovation – applies a technique or method not used before (across EU), that offers advantages compared to current best practice 
  • Longevity & sustainability – how will you maintain the results of the project in the medium and long term?
  • Replication & transferability – how can you put the techniques and methods developed or applied in the project into practice elsewhere?

If you consider LIFE may be an appropriate source of funding for your project idea, please get in touch with us by e-mail at or by telephone at 01-6782316. Early contact is recommended.