Call for Proposals

The Climate sub-programme retains the one-stage application process for the 2018 Call with submission of a Full Proposal in September 2018.

2018 Call Climate Sub programme - Timetable
18 April 2018Launch of Call
12 September 2018 Deadline to submit Full Proposals
September 2018 to May 2019 Evaluation and revision of Full Proposals
May to June 2019 Signature of individual grant agreements
15 June 2019 Earliest possible start date for the Call 2018 proposals


Climate Action Applications - Screening of proposals by LIFE Office

12 August 2018 is the deadline for applicants to submit draft Climate Action proposals to the LIFE National Contact Point, if you would like us to screen them in advance of submission to the Commission. Draft proposals should be sent by e-mail with 'LIFE draft proposal' in the subject line to

The following resources are provided to help with completing the eProposal forms:

  • Proposal template: Administrative (A forms), Project outline (B forms) and Detailed actions (C forms) with guidelines for each section
  • Finances template: FC, F1, F2, F3, F4 (a, b & c), F5, F6, F7, F8
  • Tips and advice for completing the financial forms

Please email us at to obtain these.


The Environment Sub-programme has moved to a two-stage process involving submission of a first stage Concept Note, the deadlines for which were 12 & 14 June 2018, and which if accepted is followed by submission of a full proposal in January 2019.

2018 Call Environment Sub programme - Timetable
18 April 2018 Launch of Call
12 June 2018 Deadline for submission of Concept Notes for Environment & Resource Efficiency
14 June 2018Deadline for submission of Concept Notes for Nature & Biodiversity and Environmental Governance & Information
October 2018 Concept Notes results – shortlisted applicants invited to submit Full Proposals
January 2019 Deadline to submit Full Proposals
June 2019 Results and revision of full proposals


If you consider LIFE may be an appropriate source of funding for your project idea, the Department's LIFE office would be happy to hear from you. We can be contacted by e-mail at or by telephone at 01-6782316.