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Warmth and Wellbeing Scheme

​​The Warmth and Wellbeing Scheme aims to make homes warmer and healthier to live in. It does this by providing extensive energy efficiency upgrades to those in energy poverty who are living with chronic respiratory conditions The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment in conjunction with the Department of Health and the Health Services Executive (HSE) lead this initiative.

The scheme carries out home energy upgrades delivered through SEAI's Better Energy Warmer Homes contractors. Works include:

  • Standard attic insulation and appropriate ventilation.
  • Wall insulation: cavity, dry lining or external.
  • Boiler replacement as appropriate (oil or gas).
  • Draught proofing as appropriate.

The aim of the scheme is to improve the living conditions of people living with chronic respiratory conditions. It also aims to reduce the requirement of these citizens to attend hospital especially during the winter months when the weather is coldest. The measures should improve the overall living environment. The measures should also ensure homeowners experience additional comfort levels in their homes during the coldest winter periods.

Who is eligible for the scheme?

  • The applicant must be over 55 years of age or under 12 years of age with a chronic respiratory condition.
  • Home must be owner-occupied or rented from a local authority/approved housing association.
  • A member of the household must be in receipt of Fuel Allowance or One Parent Family Payment.
  • A HSE official must refer the applicant to the programme.
  • Applicant must reside within the area designated for the pilot scheme: Dublin 8, Dublin 10, Dublin 12, Dublin 22 and Dublin 24.
  • The property must have been built and occupied before 2006.  This means the ESB meter was connected and the property lived in prior to 2006.

How the scheme works

  • The application is approved.
  • The home is surveyed to establish what measures are suitable.
  • The number of measures to be installed in the home will mean the time taken to complete the works will vary.
  • A full inspection is carried out.
  • All homes receive a post works Building Energy Rating (BER).SEAI offers a two year guarantee on all works carried out.

How to apply

Applications are currently only possible where health care officials approve an application and the criteria have been met. This is a referral based scheme and no direct applications are possible. The service is FREE to all participants; there is no fee to the homeowner for this service.​

Please contact  Millbrook Lawns Health Centre, Junction House, Airton Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24, D24 CF25; email: ​​  or phone 01 9214913 if you think you might be eligible or would like some more information on the scheme.​

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