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Retrofit Consultation

Retro Fit

This programme has now been launched as Better Energy: The National Upgrade Programme.
In 2011, the National Energy Retrofit Programme will build upon existing energy saving programmes in both the domestic and non-domestic sectors. The new programme will involve energy supply companies, energy services providers, construction workers, energy auditors and policymakers, working together to deliver energy savings, cost reductions and ultimately smaller carbon footprints for energy customers throughout the country.

This consultation builds on the previous exercise and focuses on key design considerations for the programme.

The consultation exercise on Retrofit was carried out by DCENR in 2010. The submissions received from interested parties can be accessed at Submissions.

The main elements of the new programme are:

Targets and Participants
  • Initial three-year energy savings target for the programme set at 2,000GWh (500, 750 and 750).
  • 50% of the target to be achieved by energy suppliers
  • 50% of target to be achieved by energy services providers e.g. HES registered installers, those involved in the delivery of the Warmer Homes Scheme and the Greener Homes Scheme etc.
  • One of the underpinning principles of the new programme is a move to place the Building Energy Rating (BER) scale at the centre of energy savings calculations. Any financial support made to participating parties, be they energy suppliers or energy services providers, will be contingent on achieving published energy saving improvements.
  • 75% of the funding to go to the domestic sector, of which 40% (or 30% of total programme funding) will go to addressing energy povert
  • 25% of the funding to go the non-domestic sector
  • 50% of the funding will be allocated to the energy suppliers.
  • 50% of the funding will be allocated to the energy services providers.
A New Approach for Customers
  • Funding will be passed on to customers as up-front discounts on the costs of measures rather than the customers having to wait for retrospective grant payments.
  • The relevant discount will be clearly marked and advertised as being part of the Government backed programme.
  • Remainder of costs of implementing measures (net of this discount) will be met by customers, except in the case of fuel poverty programmes which the fund may provide up to 100% of the measure costs.
Opportunities for Lending Institution
  • Opportunity for lending institutions to come up with specific, retrofit programme-based loans.

The programme has the potential to be the most innovative, ambitious, energy-related initiative ever introduced in Ireland. It will significantly contribute to meeting the national efficiency targets including the target of 33% set for the public sector. It will also create significant employment in the energy and construction sectors in support of economic renewal.

It should be noted that all existing programmes including the Warmer Homes Scheme, Home Energy Saving Scheme and the Greener Homes Scheme will continue until such time as they can be transitioned into the new arrangements.

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