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Public Consultation on Removing Barriers to Energy Efficiency in the Rental Sector by Addressing the 'Split-Incentive Problem’

​​​​​​The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment is undertaking a public consultation on the split incentive problem as it impacts on the objective to improve energy efficiency standards in the rental sector.

The Context and Guidance Paper  below outlines the issues and the process now in place to explore possible solutions or policy options.

The objective of this consultation is to identify the most appropriate policy intervention(s) and to provide stakeholders with an opportunity to inform this consideration.  

Interested parties are invited to review suggested possible approaches outlined and to comment on these or on any other points using the response ​form​.

This public consultation is open to all - whether organisations or individuals. 

Responses can be submitted at any point up until the closing deadline on 17 January 2020.

The response form also provides opportunities to make further suggestions on how to address the split incentive problem, to raise or comment on other relevant elements or issues.

Respondents are asked where possible to please provide supporting evidence for points made.

Submissions made will be taken account of by the Expert Advisory Group (see Context and Guidance paper) in making recommendations to Government on what, if any, new policy measures, including regulations, might be warranted.

A draft outline of Ireland's next Long term Renovation Strategy​ (LTRS) is also provided below. Respondents who may wish to comment on the LTRS may do so using the relevant part of the response template by 17 January – or by email to by the later date of 24 January.

UPDATE 17 January

In response to a number of requests and in the interest of encouraging and facilitating engagement with the consultation process, the Department has decided to extend the deadline for responses to the Split Incentive Consultation by one week to 24 January.

UPDATE 24 January

The public consultation period on the new Long Term Renovation Strategy has been extend​ed to 31 January. Those wishing to make a submission may do so by emailing,.ie up until close of business on Friday 31 January 2020.​

Consultation Documents



Context and Guidance Paper and Guidance Paper10/12/2019 00:00:00pdf220425
Removing Barriers to Energy Efficiency in the Rental Sector Barriers to Energy Efficiency in the Rental Sector.pdfRemoving Barriers to Energy Efficiency in the Rental Sector10/12/2019 00:00:00pdf366956
Long term Renovation Strategy (LTRS) term Renovation Strategy (LTRS)05/12/2019 00:00:00pdf169904

Consultation Submissions