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Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme Consultation

Consultation on the 2nd Phase of Operation

The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE) ran a public consultation on the Energy Efficiency Obligation scheme which ran from 18th August 2016 until the 30th September 2016.

The consultation sought input on whether the Department should consider any changes to the operation of the next phase of the Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme. The consultation paper outlined the background to the scheme and the rationale behind the choices that determine the structure of the scheme.

A workshop for respondents took place on Tuesday, October 18th 2016. Further engagement with stakeholders took place after that date and a final decision on the next phase of the scheme was reached and signed off by the Minister for CCAE in December 2016. New Energy Efficiency Notices and targets were also issued to obligated parties.

Three main changes are being made to the scheme as of 2017. These are to:

Increase the collective energy savings target from 550GWh per annum to 625GWh in 2017, rising to 700GWh for each year 2018-2020;

Reduce the threshold for participation in the scheme from 600GWh annual final energy sales to 240GWh annual final energy sales; &

Lengthen the next phase from 3 to 4 years.

All submissions received and a decision paper on changes to the scheme and the rationale for these changes made as a result of the consultation are available below.

Responses to this consultation were subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2014 and Access to Information on the Environment Regulations 2007-2014. Confidential or commercially sensitive information should have been clearly identified in your submission, however parties should also note that any or all responses to the consultation were subject in their entirety to the provisions of the FOI Acts and may be published on the website of the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment.

Consultation Documents



EEOS Consultation Decision Paper Consultation Decision Paper.pdfEEOS Consultation Decision Paper26/01/2017 00:00:00pdf240928
Authentic Energy Management Services Energy Management Services.pdfAuthentic Energy Management Services13/10/2016 23:00:00pdf493638
Bord Gais Energy Gais Energy.pdfBord Gais Energy13/10/2016 23:00:00pdf349975
Bord Ná Mona na Móna.pdfBord Ná Mona13/10/2016 23:00:00pdf602809
C and W Installation and W Insulation.pdfC and W Installation 13/10/2016 23:00:00pdf212761
Carbon Energy Exchange Energy Exchange.pdfCarbon Energy Exchange13/10/2016 23:00:00pdf270224
EAI 23:00:00pdf582806
Ecocert 23:00:00msg90624
Electric Ireland Ireland.pdfElectric Ireland13/10/2016 23:00:00pdf125288
Energia response to DCCAE Consultation on EEO 2017-19.pdfEnergia13/10/2016 23:00:00pdf57422

Consultation Submissions