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Electricity Support Schemes: Transitioning to I-SEM Arrangements Consultation

​This consultation is now closed. 

The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE) is updating existing electricity support schemes supported by the Public Service Obligation (PSO) Levy (primarily for renewable energy).   This  updating is  necessary  as  some  of the  key  concepts  and parameters which  underlie  the PSO schemes are being replaced by  the new wholesale electricity market design which  is due to come  into  effect  from October 2018.

In May 2017, DCCAE published an information paper (the Options Paper) which outlined a number of options being considered as part of this decision making process and set out the Department's emerging thinking on the optimal outcome. Following extensive consultation with industry, the Department published a Proposed Decision on adapting the Electricity Support Schemes to the I-SEM in November 2017. 

The Department received 20 responses to the Consultation and the non-confidential responses are published below. The final decision paper following this consultation is available here​.  

Consultation Documents



Transitioning to I-SEM Arrangements - Proposed Decision Paper Proposed Decision_REFIT Transition to I-SEM_.pdfTransitioning to I-SEM Arrangements - Proposed Decision Paper 30/11/2017 00:00:00pdf493342
Comparison of proposed REFIT schemes in I-SEM of proposed REFIT schemes in I-SEM.pdfComparison of proposed REFIT schemes in I-SEM30/11/2017 00:00:00pdf1303173

Consultation Submissions



Alternative Renewable Technologies Renewable Technologies.pdfAlternative Renewable Technologies14/06/2018 23:00:00pdf547367
Bioverda 23:00:00pdf112473
Bord Gáis Energy Gáis Energy.PDFBord Gáis Energy14/06/2018 23:00:00pdf495722
Bord na Mona na Mona.pdfBord na Mona14/06/2018 23:00:00pdf584001
Brookfield Renewable Renewable.pdfBrookfield Renewable14/06/2018 23:00:00pdf666114
CEWEP 23:00:00pdf186336
Coillte Land Solutions Land Solutions.pdfCoillte Land Solutions14/06/2018 23:00:00pdf413144
ESB Generation and Wholesale Markets Generation and Wholesale Markets.pdfESB Generation and Wholesale Markets14/06/2018 23:00:00pdf606479
Electric Ireland Ireland.pdfElectric Ireland14/06/2018 23:00:00pdf739659
Electricity Association of Ireland Association of Ireland.pdfElectricity Association of Ireland14/06/2018 23:00:00pdf595494