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Public Consultation to Inform a Policy Framework for the Development of District Heating in Ireland

District heating can play a key role in improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions. Given that end-users are supplied with heat rather than fuel, district heating networks can offer flexibility in fuel choice, and the ability to adapt to changes in the economic and policy landscape that may see different combinations of energy resources used at different times over the lifetime of a district heating network.  

District heating currently accounts for a very small share of the Irish heating sector, estimated to be significantly less than 1%; representing one of the lowest shares of district heating in Europe.

The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment held a consultation seeking views in relation to a policy framework for the development of district heating.

This consultation will inform the direction the policy framework will take and the future development of district heating in Ireland.

The closing date for submissions was 5pm on Friday, 28 February 2020.

A total of eighteen submissions were received and are published below. These submissions will now be considered and will inform the direction the policy framework will take and the future development of district heating in Ireland. Completion of the policy framework is planned by end 2020.

Consultation Documents



Consultation on District Heating Policy Framework on DH Policy Framework.pdfConsultation on District Heating Policy Framework18/12/2019 00:00:00pdf956648

Consultation Submissions



Submission CARO CARO.pdfSubmission CARO27/03/2020 00:00:00pdf340430
Submission CEWEP CEWEP.pdfSubmission CEWEP27/03/2020 00:00:00pdf197646
Submission Codema Codema.pdfSubmission Codema27/03/2020 00:00:00pdf170723
Submission DCC DCC.pdfSubmission DCC27/03/2020 00:00:00pdf1120317
Submission ESB ESB.pdfSubmission ESB27/03/2020 00:00:00pdf627521
Submission Energy Institute Energy Institute.pdfSubmission Energy Institute27/03/2020 00:00:00pdf305845
Submission Fingleton White Fingleton White.pdfSubmission Fingleton White27/03/2020 00:00:00pdf178087
Submission GNI Ervia GNI Ervia.pdfSubmission GNI Ervia27/03/2020 00:00:00pdf415274
Submission IBEC IBEC.pdfSubmission IBEC27/03/2020 00:00:00pdf266033
Submission IrBEA IrBEA.pdfSubmission IrBEA27/03/2020 00:00:00pdf365920