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Broadcasting Fund (Sound & Vision)

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Broadcasting Funding Scheme

7% of the TV licence fee is allocated to the Broadcasting Fund. This funding supports a programming scheme, Sound and Vision III and an Archiving Scheme.

For further information on either Scheme, including the dates of funding rounds, please contact the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

Sound & Vision III

The Sound & Vision Schemes were established to provide funding to support:

  • high quality programmes on Irish culture, heritage and experience
  • programmes to improve adult literacy

Funding can also be granted to support programmes relating to:

  • the natural environment
  • history or
  • which raise public awareness and understanding of global issues.

Further information is available on the BAI website.

The Archiving Scheme

The funding scheme for the Archiving of Programme Material is designed to encourage and support:

  • archiving in the Irish broadcasting sector, and
  • the preservation of Ireland’s broadcasting heritage.​

Further information is available on the BAI website.