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Sligo County Council and Eircode fight against illegal dumping

​​​Sligo Co Co officially launched a new national pilot project in March 2018 supported and funded by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment and the Connacht Ulster WERLA Office (Waste Enforcement Regional Lead Authority). The national pilot project focuses on household waste management compliance through an Eircodes investigation. The aim of this project is to create and maintain a register of all accounted households for waste management, in accordance with legislation.

Bye-Laws in Sligo place an obligation on all householders to manage their domestic waste by complying with a number of options. Whichever option the householder chooses will require the association of their Eircode. Once the household's Eircode is accounted for, this will exclude the household from the Local Authority's investigations into identifying households who remain non-compliant. Under this new initiative, householders who are not managing their waste appropriately will be the recipient of enforcement action which could result in an on-the-spot fine of €75 or a court summons where required.

It is anticipated that this approach will form a model of best practice for other Local Authorities to adopt, which in turn will work towards curbing illegal dumping activity.

You can find out more on Sligo Co Co website:

To ensure future clean up operations remain successful and to maintain the natural beauty of Sligo, the Waste Enforcement Office of Sligo County Council are planning to step up enforcement efforts to address the source of this problem in order to reduce the need to spend such funds on cleaning up domestic waste, which should ultimately have been managed correctly by householders.

For further information on how to correctly manage your domestic waste, please visit  Sligo Co Co website.  You can also view an animation relating to Eircodes.