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Sagacity and Eircodes

​Sagacity is a technology company which specialises in solving complex technical and business challenges across the globe in a range of industry sectors including telecommunications, utilities, financial services and beyond.  Their sophisticated software enables them to deliver Data Quality, Revenue Assurance and Value Based Management solutions. 


Sagacity have recently achieved the status of accredited Eircode Encoder using their QTOX Ireland Data Quality Solution.  The accreditation programme is designed to ensure companies achieve the highest possible levels of matching and data accuracy when appending Eircodes to address records and ensure they know their customers.  Sagacity is one of only four companies that have achieved that accolade, see the Eircode homepage with list of accredited encoders.    


Having achieved accreditation Sagacity has already successfully appended Eircodes against customer addresses for some major clients within Ireland with significant results that help reduce bad debt, improve revenue and gain operational efficiency. 


Sagacity’s  QTOX Ireland Data Quality product doesn’t only append Eircodes, it can also cleanse customer names, dates of births and contact information in both English and Gaelic which helps their clients manage their customers as well as support their GDPR obligations.


Take a look at the Sagacity website   to find out more.