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The Further Integration of Eircode in the National Ambulance Service.

​The National Ambulance Service (NAS) is rolling out Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) units in their ambulances. These units, which use Eircodes, display the caller's location for the ambulance crew. It's similar to having the control room in the ambulance at their fingertips.  
The control room dispatch system is configured to use Eircodes. When a member of the public dials 999 or 112, the Emergency Call Taker and Emergency Medical Dispatcher swiftly pinpoint the caller's location, with the help of the Eircode. The details of the call, including the address, Eircode, and location of the caller is quickly sent from the control room to the in-ambulance MDT. The ambulance crew acknowledge the call via the MDT and "go mobile". The location, address and Eircode is displayed on a map on the MDT. The MDT helps the ambulance crew to get to the caller's location as quickly as possible using MDT directions both visually on a map and audibly in the ambulance.

35% of addresses in Ireland are non-unique but Eircodes are unique. Non-unique addresses have caused significant operational challenges for the NAS in the past but Eircode have helped solve this challenge.

The in-ambulance MDTs are currently operational in Cork and Kerry and will be rolled out throughout the country over the next few years.