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Dublin Horse Show 2017 and Eircodes

​Fine weather drew more than 100,000 visitors to this year's Dublin Horse Show in the RDS. The show ran from 9th – 13th August and there was much to do and see at the event, with over 300 stands to visit.  Eircode had an exhibition stand, where they offered advice to the public along with a facility to print limited edition cards.

There are five cards in the series each based on an original painting by the Achill based landscape artist Padraig McCaul.  McCaul works in oils, using brush strokes and palette knives, "there are recurring themes that inform my work - the quiet isolation and beauty that is found in parts of the west of Ireland, the timelessness of the landscape.  Old farmhouses, telegraph poles and out-buildings feature strongly in my work".  McCaul's work is available in galleries throughout Ireland and at various exhibitions, for more details visit

You can get your own special edition card with your own Eircode on it by simply contacting