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Central Statistics Office using Eircodes to Identify Properties - Oct 2017

​The Director General of the Central Statistics Office said that using Eircodes to identify properties would help provide better data on house completions, vacancy rates, prices and average rents.  The statistical agency recommend that any information collected around housing should capture the Eircode to help identify long-term trends and improve data sources needed to help address the crisis.

The CSO is working with the Department of Housing, compiling accurate statistics on new houses.  Mr Dalton said that there was a wealth of data sources available.  "It's simply a method of us bringing these data sources together in a careful and safe way, which protects the privacy of individuals and confidentiality. 

"If you take all the various data sources, and they all capture the Eircode, you could easily link them. It's a fairly easy job to do.

"We can only make this recommendation for public sector bodies, and would recommend they capture the Eircode for anything related to housing."