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Allianz Ireland expect Eircodes to Change the Insurance Market

​Allianz is one of the many companies now enjoying the benefits of integrating Eircode data.  They now use Eircodes to accurately identify customer addresses, providing increased efficiency across their full range of insurance products for an enhanced customer experience.


In November 2016 Allianz began to roll out Eircodes across their personal lines products – starting with Boat Insurance and concluding with Private Car Insurance in May 2017.  Allianz see the benefits and are optimistic that Eircodes will reduce the volume of returned post, allowing them to deliver documentation to their customer's address first time all of the time.  Eircode will also deliver other specific benefits for insurance companies and for their customers, such as:-

  • A More Streamlined Customer Experience
  • A More Efficient Service
  • A Reduction in Cross-Subsidies
  • New Services for Clients
  • Better Customer Profiling
  • Insurer Stability


You can read more about benefits of Eircodes and the insurance companies on the allianz blog