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Property Marking Ireland.Property that is clearly and obviously marked with the Eircode is less attractive to a thief as it is more difficult to sell.   Marking property with the Eircode can dramatically decrease crime in the area. 

84% of householders know their Eircode.  A face to face independent research study was recently conducted by Amárach Research to identify if householders were aware of the Eircode for their property.  A nationally representative sample from 1,244 participants across Ireland took part.  84% provided the correct Eircode for their property. 

Sat Navs and Eircodes.  Eircodes are now fully integrated in Google Maps, enabling members of the Public and Businesses to use Google Maps to accurately locate addresses and get directions. TomTom have also integrated the Eircode into their maps enabling retailers to easily capture addresses, delivery agents to deliver to Irish households more reliably and efficiently, and users of Tom Tom products to more easily find locations.   Garmin is collaborating with their map data provider to determine how they can best offer the use of Eircodes to their customers.

The National Ambulance Service (NAS) integrated Eircodes into their Computer Aided Dispatch system and actively encourage people who are seeking an emergency ambulance to have their Eircode available to pass it on to the call taker. This means that the patient's address and the position of the nearest available ambulance can be accurately pinpointed on a digital map. This enables an ambulance to quickly and accurately be routed to someone in need of medical help.

The National Ambulance Service (NAS) are currently fitting their ambulances with Digital Mobile Data Systems (MDTs) that allows responding crews to have the call details sent to their MDT screens together with the Eircode and visual location data in map format to assist with ambulance arrival at the correct location. 

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