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National Cyber Security Strategy

The National Cyber Security Strategy, published in 2015, is a high level policy statement from Government. It  acknowledges the challenges with facilitating and enabling the digital economy and society. The strategy is based on key principles such as the rule of law, subsidiarity, noting that we are ultimately responsible for our own security, and proportionality in response to key risks and threats facing us.  Key measures include:

  • Formally establishing the National Cyber Security Centre, encompassing the national/governmental Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT-IE) Its focus on the protection of critical national information infrastructure in key sectors such as energy and telecommunications.
  • Delivering improved security arrangements, in partnership with Government Departments and Key Agencies involving situational awareness and incident management.
  • Introducing primary legislation to formalise arrangements in law and to comply with EU requirements on capabilities, co-operation and reporting.
  • Co-operating with key State Agencies, industry partners and international peers in the interests of protecting critical infrastructure, improving situational awareness and incident management along with facilitating education, training and public awareness initiatives.

There will be a new, updated National Cyber Security Strategy published later in 2019.