Information Sessions

Information Sessaions

Information sessions are arranged to train small businesses to trade online. The Local Enterprise Office (LEO) arranges these sessions. They offer practical learning and support to local business.

Businesses that have no trading online presence will learn about the benefits of trading online.  They will get practical advice and support on how to trade online.

Those already trading online can learn how to:

 Increase their trading online capability;

 Enhance their engagement with online customers.

All LEOs hold these information sessions see below for information or find your local office


Attendance of an information session is required as part of eligibility to receive a trading

online voucher.

Details and registration:- 

County​DateRegister/Book Online
Westmeath​12 FebruaryBook Westmeath Session Here
​Wexford​12 FebruaryBook Wexford Session Here
​Cork North​15 FebruaryBook Cork North Session Here
Meath18 FebruaryBook Meath Session Here
19 February Book Tipperary Session Here
Leitrim19 February​Book Leitrim Session Here
19 FebruaryBook Monaghan Session Here
Dublin South20 FebruaryBook Dublin South Session Here
​Fingal​4 MarchBook Fingal Session Here
​Cavan​5 MarchBook Cavan Session Here
Carlow​5 MarchBook Carlow Session Here
Dublin City​5 MarchBook Dublin City Session Here
5 MarchBook Roscommon Session Here
​Mayo​5 MarchBook Mayo Session Here
Donegal​5 marchBook Donegal Session Here
DLR 6 MarchBook DLR Session Here
Offaly 6 MarchBook Offaly Session Here
​Cork City ​8 MarchBook Cork City Session Here
​Cork South​8 MarchCook Cork South Session Here
​Kildare ​12 MarchBook Kildare session Here
​Wicklow ​13 MarchBook Wicklow Session Here
​Limerick​14 MarchBook Limerick Session Here