Programme Benefits

The School Digital Champion Programme will elevate digital skills and competencies. It will also provide students and teachers with a wide range of opportunities.

This is a unique opportunity for your students to take part in an exciting and innovative programme.

The programme will:

  • recognise those students that are pioneers in the use of new technologies
  • maximise the possibilities for community involvement
  • lead learning through the use of new technologies and
  • enable your students to make a real difference through the use of technology

We will give teachers the opportunity to take part in a skills training day based on the needs identified in your School Digital Champion Application Form.

The project promotes hands-on learning and knowledge creation through the use of new technologies. When your students take part in the programme they will experience a technology challenge. This challenge will encourage them to find digital solutions to real world problems.

The programme will elevate digital skills and competencies. We will also give students the opportunity to visit leading technology companies and see first hand how they operate.

We will provide students with the opportunity to take part in a skills training day where we will provide workshops tailored to meet the needs identified in their application. Students will improve key skills including critical thinking, innovation, creativity and team working.