Project Themes

What are the project themes?

There are three School Digital Champion project themes:

  • Local Enterprise
  • Local Community
  • School-Home

Students must show how digital technology and skills can have an impact and make a difference in these areas. When choosing your project, consider the following questions:

  1. How can you, as School Digital Champion, help your local small business to trade online and connect with their customers?
  2. How can you, as School Digital Champion, support your local community and its citizens to make the best use of digital technology
  3. How can you, as School Digital Champion, find ways of using digital technology to support learning in school and enhance your school facilities?

 In addition to the above questions students are also asked to consider the following themes when selecting their project.  How can you use technology to make a difference in the areas of -

  • reducing waste/waste management
  • combating climate change
  • improving energy efficiency and
  • digital inclusion.

You can see a summary of projects from previous years in our project reports list