Project Themes

What are the project themes?

There are three School Digital Champion project themes. Students must show how digital technology and skills can have an impact and make a difference. Your school, working with your School Digital Champions can select a project from one of the following three themes.

Theme 1: Local Enterprise

Today, fewer than one in four small businesses is trading online. Up to 70% of online spending by Irish consumers goes overseas.

How can you, as School Digital Champion, help your local small businesses to trade online and connect with their customers?


Theme 2: Local Community

The internet is having a big impact on Irish society. For those who are "connected", the range of communication, social, entertainment, information and learning resources available is much greater than for those who remain excluded from the digital world.

How can you, as School Digital Champion, support your local community and its citizens to make best use of digital technology?



​Theme 3: School - Home

Nine out of ten jobs require digital skills. Employers are placing increasing value on 21st century skills such as:

  • problem-solving
  • communications
  • critical thinking and
  • team working. 

    It is more important than ever that learning becomes something that happens inside and outside of the school.

    How can you, as School Digital Champion, find ways of using digital technology to support learning in school and beyond the walls of the classroom?