How to apply

​Inform the students about the programme
Please inform your students about the programme.  This programme is suitable for students in non-exam years. You should ask interested students to complete and give you a Nomination Form. The nomination forms are optional but we design them to help in selecting your School Digital Champions.

Select a team of Champions
A team of students (maximum 4) can be made up of interested students from different classes or from students in different years in your school. It may work well to choose a team with a mix of digital knowledge and technical experience. A a range of organisational skills would also be an asset.

Agree the project
Once the school has selected a team of Champions, the next step is to collaborate and agree on the digital project your team will pursue under one of the three main project themes.

Complete the School Digital Champion Application Form
When you agree your project you can complete  the School Digital Champion Application Form . The teacher must complete the form in full and the application approved by your School Principal. Your completed application form must be submitted to us by 26th October 2017.


Parent/Guardian Consent

School Digital Champions must complete a parental consent form  (as gaeilge). A signed copy of the parental consent for each student selected should be returned by the teacher to  by 26th October 2017.

Complete the Project
We will ask students to complete a project report and submit it by email to The closing date for completion of all projects is 19th April 2018