The National Digital Research Centre (NDRC) was established in 2007 by UCD, TCD, DCU, IADT & NCAD. The NDRC operates under a concession agreement with the Minister.

NDRC's mission is to create globally scalable companies in the digital sector. NDRC invests at a very early stage using an accelerator model. It provides capital and hands-on support to young Irish companies.

By the end of 2018, NDRC's supported companies raised €250 Million in follow on investment, employing over 1063 people directly and had an overall market capital value of €608 Million.

As provided for in the Concession Agreement, the Department undertook a review in 2017 of the policy underpinning the NDRC Programme with a view to informing policy in relation to the programme beyond the expiration of the Concession Agreement.

The principal recommendation of the review was that there should be continued support for start-ups in the digital sector involving the provision of accelerator supports and some limited pre-seed funding.

Last year the Government decided to continue its support for the policy underpinning NDRC for three years, extendable to five years and to run a procurement process to select an operator to deliver the services. The Department and its advisors are currently at the planning and design stage of the procurement process. In early 2019, the Department, in preparation for the procurement process, undertook a comprehensive market engagement with stakeholders. The procurement process will be run in accordance with EU and national procurement law.

NDRC will continue to deliver early stage enterprise support pending the outcome of the procurement process.


More information on the NDRC is available at www.ndrc.ie.