State Intervention

The National Broadband Plan aims to ensure that high speed broadband is made available to all households and businesses in the country. The State Intervention focuses on areas where there is no existing or planned commercial network.  This non-commercial High Speed Broadband area is called "The Intervention Area". 

Through a procurement process, the Department is currently looking for a company to build, maintain and operate the State Intervention network for the next 25 years. 

The Intervention Area is represented on the High Speed Broadband Map as Amber. 

Use the Map to see if you live in an area that commercial operators will provide service to or an area that  the State intervention will address.

The State Intervention Area includes:

  • C. 540,000 postal addresses

  • 990,000 citizens (21% of national population)

  • 381,000 members of labour force (21% of national total)

  • 52,057 farms (61% of national total of farms)

  • 47,096 SMEs, primarily micro

  • 437 schools (13% of total)

  • 310 business parks (4% of national total)