NBP Latest News

NBP Latest News

Progress to date

Today, over 1.78m or 75% of all premises can access high speed broadband services.

Procurement progress

The ongoing procurement process reached a key milestone in May 2019 with the appointment of a "Preferred Bidder".

The aim of the process is to appoint a company to build, maintain and operate a new high speed broadband network in the NBP State intervention area over a 25 year contract.

This is the final step in the NBP procurement process before a contract is awarded and deployment begins in the State intervention area.

Q1 2019 Map Update

The High Speed Broadband Map  has been updated by the Department.

This latest update shows progress in the deployment of high speed broadband in the BLUE areas on the Map up until the end of March 2019, including those premises passed under the eir Commitment Agreement.

eir Commitment Agreement – Progress Update Q1 2019

Progress in this rollout for Quarter 1 2019 has been verified by the Department. 

  • In the period from 1 January 2019 to end of March 2019, 25,789 premises were passed by eir and are now marked with a Blue dot in the Light Blue area of the Map.
  • A total of 250,965 premises have been passed since eir commenced work in late 2016.
  • Follow the progress of the rural deployment covered by the Commitment Agreement.
  • Information on eir's planned rural deployment is available at www.fibrerollout.ie
  • This is a wholesale network only.  eir sells access to the network to retail service providers on an open access basis who in turn re-sell to the general public.

If your premises has been passed by eir, and you want to connect to a high speed broadband service, you will need to contact a Retail Service Provider. Details of who you can contact can be found on the eir website www.fibrerollout.ie/rollout-map/where-to-buy

13 June 2019


NBP State Intervention Procurement – "Preferred Bidder" Announced

On 7 May 2019, Government approved the appointment of a "Preferred Bidder". This is the final step in the NBP procurement process before a Contract is awarded and deployment begins.

It means that the Bidder has passed the rigorous evaluation process carried out by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment.

To learn more about the NBP and what "Preferred Bidder" means, more information can be found in our press release here, in Delivering the National Broadband Plan, in our video on the benefits high speed broadband can bring, and our What is the National Broadband Plan? pamphlet.

7 May 2019