Constituency Maps - Q2 2018

Name Link to Map Total Number of Premises   Premises in Intervention Area Premises covered by Commercial Operators  Premises to be covered by Planned Commercial Rural Deployment
Carlow-Kilkenny Map73,34234%58%8%
Cavan-Monaghan Map66,16142%51%7%
Clare Map66,16735%52%13%
Cork East Map58,07626%69%5%
Cork North-Central Map58,15713%86%1%
Cork North-West Map44,43547%41%12%
Cork South-Central Map55,7599%90%1%
Cork South-West Map52,39450%37%13%
Donegal Map94,20234%58%8%
Dublin Bay North Map65,5981%99%0%
Dublin Bay South Map71,1200%100%0%
Dublin Central Map51,4040%100%0%
Dublin Fingal Map61,2488%91%1%
Dublin Mid-West Map44,6833%97%0%
Dublin North-West Map41,2301%99%0%
Dublin Rathdown Map42,1011%99%0%
Dublin South-Central Map59,2350%100%0%
Dublin South-West Map58,7771%99%0%
Dublin West Map46,5462%98%0%
Dún Laoghaire Map55,6301%99%0%
Galway East Map48,57742%41%17%
Galway West Map80,38120%72%8%
Kerry Map89,13832%52%16%
Kildare North Map48,89411%88%1%
Kildare South Map38,66519%76%5%
Laois Map42,50932%58%10%
Limerick Map43,61042%37%21%
Limerick City Map 55,9637%91%2%
Longford-Westmeath Map62,13629%62%9%
Louth Map70,20114%84%2%
Mayo Map76,84644%41%15%
Meath East Map38,79026%68%6%
Meath West Map40,24526%68%6%
Offaly Map43,04636%49%15%
Roscommon-Galway Map50,786
Sligo-Leitrim Map78,33441%48%11%
Tipperary Map77,63435%51%14%
Waterford Map61,41627%68%5%
Wexford Map82,14026%64%10%
Wicklow Map66,61123%71%6%
Outside Constituencies 7166%24%10%