Amber Area

​My house is located in an AMBER area, what does this mean for me?

This means you live in an area where providers have indicated they are not going to supply service for commercial reasons. High speed broadband will be brought to you by the NBP state intervention.

What is the NBP State Intervention?

The State Intervention is the Government's strategy to ensure that High Speed Broadband is made available to all households and businesses in the country where there is no existing or planned commercial network. This area is known as "The Intervention Area" and is marked amber on the map. The Department is currently in a procurement process to select a company who will build, maintain and operate the State Intervention network for the next 25 years.

What is the procurement process?

A procurement process is a method used to select a bidder or bidders to award a contract to. We are using a competitive procurement process where bidders compete to win the contract to roll out a new high speed broadband network in the NBP State intervention area.

The procurement process to appoint a bidder for the State intervention network is now at the final stage.  The next step in the process is for Minister Bruton to bring a recommendation to Government in relation to the NBP.


What will the State Intervention network be like?

A detailed service specification requires that the State Intervention network must be able to deliver minimum speeds of 30 Mbps download and 6 Mbps upload. However, it is likely that speeds achieved will be much higher than that.

The network will be future proofed to ensure that it is capable of serving homes and businesses across Ireland for at least 25 years.

The network will be a wholesale network available to Retail Service Providers to use to sell services to members of the public or to businesses.


How much will the service cost?

The cost will depend on the package of services ordered from the Retail Service Provider. 

Prices including connection costs for existing premises will be aligned with national prices for such services. The price of connection and service will be pegged to regulated prices as they are in the cities and towns which already have high speed broadband. 

Where possible, prices will be capped to the levels of the most comparable regulated prices outside of the intervention area.

ComReg has a price comparison tool that allows consumers to compare upfront and total cost, including handset price for mobile phone, home phone, broadband & TV price plans. This will give you an idea of market current pieces.

How will it connect to my home?

Until a contract is signed we can’t say exactly how the service will be delivered. However, bidders have indicated they are intending to use a Fibre to the Home(FTTH) service. The methods used to bring the service into your home will depend on a case by case basis.

The network will be a wholesale network available to Retail Service Providers to use to sell services to members of the public or to businesses.

Once the network is rolled out, you will be able to order high speed broadband services from a Retail Service Provider. Depending on your area, you may have a choice of Retail Service Providers.

When will I have broadband?

The procurement process is very complex. It is not possible for us to give any specific timelines for when the State intervention will reach your home or business.

As part of the procurement process we will engage with the bidder and the Department of Rural and Community Development on the best rollout strategy to target areas with poor service. The roll out plan will be published folllowing contract signature.


In the meantime is the Department doing anything to solve my broadband issues?

In 2016 the Minister established a Mobile Phone and Broadband Taskforce to identify solutions to broadband and mobile phone coverage problems around the country and to investigate how better services could be provided to consumers before State intervention arrives.

The Taskforce includes measures such as improving wireless signal for mobile phones and encouraging providers to expand their infrastructure. You can read more about the Taskforce and its report on our website. You can also contact your local authority Broadband Officer for information on improving broadband in your area. A list of broadband officers is available at

I live in an AMBER area, but a LIGHT BLUE area is adjacent/close to me. My neighbours have high speed broadband/are going to get high speed broadband, why not me?

In April 2017 eir made a commitment to the Minister that they would provide 300,000 homes and businesses in rural Ireland with Fibre to the Home (FTTH) high speed broadband by the end of 2018.

As part of the April 2017 Map update, the 300,000 premises were moved from the AMBER State Intervention area into the LIGHT BLUE area, to reflect the Commitment Agreement.

If your neighbours are in a LIGHT BLUE area on the Map, this means they were included in the rollout. Your home or business has not been included and will be covered by the State Intervention.

Why/how did they make that decision?

Eir is a private company and their plans are made on a commercial basis. This includes operational and commercial decisions e.g. where to install FTTH or not. The Minister or the Department cannot direct eir to include a home or business in their 300,000 rollout.

I am in an AMBER area, can my premises be added to the 300,000 rural rollout?

eir are operating under the Commitment Agreement with the Minister to roll out FTTH to 300,000 homes and businesses on a strict deadline. As a result of this, they have indicated that they will not be extending the rollout to any homes not marked as LIGHT BLUE on the NBP map. Your high speed broadband will be provided for under the NBP State Intervention. 

Why is my home an AMBER dot in a BLUE area?

In April 2017 we updated the NBP map to move 84,500 homes and businesses from the BLUE to the AMBER area. We did this because service from commercial operators has not materialised. This means your home or business will get high speed broadband through the NBP State Intervention.

Some premises near me do have high speed broadband.

Those are home or businesses which providers included in their commercial rollout as they had indicated in their plans. In the case of your home or business, operators did not deliver high speed broadband as they had originally indicated so your premises is included in the State Intervention area.

Does the NBP map use GIS and can I get a copy of the data?

The NBP map uses GIS and we can supply copies of the map layer. Please contact the NBP team at