National Broadband Plan (NBP)

The National Broadband Plan (NBP) is a Government initiative to deliver high speed broadband services to all premises in Ireland.

Today over seven in 10 premises have access to high speed broadband from commercial operators. There are approximately 540,000 premises where operators will not provide this essential service.  These are located in the State intervention area.

The Department is in the final stages of appointing a company to build, maintain and operate a future proofed high speed broadband network in the State intervention area over a 25 year period.

In May 2019, Government approved the appointment of a "Preferred Bidder". This is the final step in the NBP procurement process before a Contract is awarded and deployment begins in the State intervention area. It means that the Bidder has passed the rigorous evaluation process carried out by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment.

To learn more about the NBP and what "Preferred Bidder" means, more information can be found on our Preferred Bidder Announcement page here.


More detail on National Broadband Plan is set out in the National Broadband Plan (NBP)  August 2012 and the updated Intervention Strategy in December 2015.  The NBP defines high speed broadband as a minimum speed of 30Mbps download and 6Mbps upload. This is being achieved through a combination of:

  • Commercial investment by the telecommunications sector and
  • A State Intervention in those areas where commercial providers acting alone will not provide this essential service

The best resource we have is our award winning interactive High Speed Broadband Map. The Map and all the other resources you may need to get information on the National Broadband Plan are available below.