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The National Broadband Plan Preferred Bidder Announcement

​The National Broadband Plan (NBP) is the Government's plan to deliver high speed broadband services to all businesses, farms and households in Ireland. It will ensure that everyone in Ireland will have equal access to a high speed broadband service.

In May 2019, Government approved the appointment of a "Preferred Bidder". This is the final step in the NBP procurement process before a Contract is awarded and deployment begins in the State intervention area. It means that the Bidder has passed the rigorous evaluation process carried out by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment.

To learn more about the NBP and what "Preferred Bidder" means, more information can be found in our press release, in our slide presentation, in Delivering the National Broadband Plan, in our video on the benefits high speed broadband can bring, and our What is the National Broadband Plan? pamphlet.