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National Broadband Plan Key Documents

​​The NBP State intervention procurement used a number of key documents available below:

Document Topic Description
​1 ​Correspondence between Department and the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform ​Correspondence

​Letter dated 16 April 2019 from Secretary General, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform regarding the NBP

Response dated 24 April 2019 from Secretary General, Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment


Project Information Memorandum (PIM) (December 2015)

Procurement process

The PIM sets out the Department's requirements (in 2016) for the NBP and indicates how the Department expected to run the procurement process.  The PIM, together with the PQQ, provided parties with an overview of the project so that potential bidders could:

  • Understand the background to the project
  • Understand the procurement process being employed for the award of contracts, the estimated timeframes involved and the tasks to be carried out by those bidders participating in the procurement process
  • Evaluate whether they wish to participate in the procurement

Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) (December 2015)

Procurement processThe PQQ is a questionnaire to be completed by the bidders responding to questions arising from the requirements set out in the PIM
4 Volume 1 (Final Tender version September 2018) Instructions to bidderProcurement processVolume 1 is a set of instructions to the bidder to assist the preparation and submission of a response to the Invitation to Submit Final Tender in accordance with the requirements of the Department in relation to the NBP
5 Volume 2 (Final Tender version September 2018) Evaluation MethodologyProcurement processVolume 2 is the methodology and evaluation criteria to be used by the Department in its evaluation of the Final Tender

Contract Synopsis

ContractSummary document setting out at a high level the provisions of the Contract and the protections to the State

Volume 4 (Final Tender version September 2018) Financial Requirements

Procurement processVolume 4 sets out the requirements to the bidder for the completion of the financial elements of the Final Tender, including the Project Financial Model and Project Cost Model
8 Single Bidder Solution Assessment (December 2018)Robustness of Cost and Technical solutionA report prepared by KPMG to inform the Department's assessment of whether it considers the Final Tender to be an acceptable outcome for Government, by reference to the Public Spending Code
9 Technical Solution Assessment Methodology Report  (November 2018)Robustness of Cost and Technical solutionA report prepared by Analysys Mason in support of the KPMG SBSA report to inform the Department's assessment of whether it considers the Final Tender to be an acceptable outcome for Government, by reference to the Public Spending Code
10 Cost Benefit Analysis Report (April 2019)Cost Benefit AnalysisThe final Cost Benefit Analysis report prepared by PwC in line with the Public Spending Code, following submission of the Final Tender and incorporating updated data such as 2016 CSO data
11 Benefits Report (February 2019)Cost Benefit AnalysisA narrative report on the non-quantitative benefits of delivery of the NBP, prepared by PwC
12 NBP Technology Options Paper (December 2018)Technical DocumentReport on the comparative benefits of 5G versus Fibre as a technology solution for the NBP, prepared by Analysys Mason

 "XGS PON VfM Analysis"
(November 2018)

Technical DocumentAnalysis of the suitability of the bidder's technology choice to meet the requirements of the NBP, prepared by Analysys Mason
14 Project Reappraisal Report (May 2019)Procurement process/Public Spending CodeA Project Reappraisal, prepared by KPMG, in line with the Public Spending Code to assess the Department's options before making a decision whether or not to continue with the procurement following eir's withdrawal

Contingency Planning Report (2018) 


In 2018, alternative options to deliver the NBP were considered.  That exercise considered additional short term and longer term options with regard to the NBP


Contingency Plan
Report (2019)

Comparative Table

Procurement process

In 2019, building on the findings and initial analysis carried out in 2018, a number of options were developed further. Options considered included a phased approach based on two selected deployment areas; a separate build based on a €1 billion budget; and backhaul only. These internal analyses were shared with the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform


Ownership Report (Internal DCCAE document June 2016)


Ownership of NBP network

Report prepared by the Department on ownership. The public consultation in July 2015 on the Intervention Strategy included five alternative Ownership options. By December 2015 and the launch of procurement, Government decision narrowed the options to two models: the Gap Funding model and the full concessionaire model. As part of this decision, the Government asked the Minister to revert prior to the commencement of the competitive dialogue process, with further analysis and consideration of the two options short-listed. This document sets out this analysis and provides a final recommendation. Government decision in July 2016 chose the Gap Funding model


Environmental Reports (October 2018)

Addendum to Intervention Strategy

SEA Statement

Natura Impact Statement


Strategic Environmental Assessment/Appropriate Assessment

Reports, prepared by environmental consultants RPS, detailing the conclusions of the SEA and AA consultation process.  Includes Addendum to Intervention Strategy, SEA Statement and Natura Impact Statement
19 FTTH technology market adoption and suitability for the NBP (July 2018)

Technical document


Analysis of global trends relating to operator choice for FTTH and strengths and weaknesses of competing FTTH  technology choices, prepared by Analysys Mason
​20Financial Appraisal Report (January 2016)​Financial Appraisal Report​The purpose of this report was to provide the financial appraisal of the technology, ownership and funding options for the National Broadband Plan intervention strategy, prepared by KPMG.
​21​NBP Contract (March 2020)​​NBP ContractThe NBP Contract is a detailed document which sets out the specific terms of the Government's NBP Contract with NBI in respect of the rollout of the high speed broadband network under the State intervention.