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Metropolitan Area Networks

The Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) are State-owned telecoms networks which consist of carrier-neutral telecoms duct and fibre optic cable rings linking the main commercial and public buildings to "co-location centres". Telecommunications operators locate their equipment in these co-location centres and access the MANs network.

A total of 88 MANs covering 94 regional towns and cities were constructed under the MANs Programme.   28 MANs were completed under Phase I and 60 MANs (covering 66 towns) were completed under Phase II.

The MANs were co-financed by central Government, Local Authorities and the EU's European Regional Development Fund.

The MANs are independently managed, maintained and operated for the State by a Management Services Entity (MSE), 'enet'.  Following an open tender process, enet was appointed in July 2004 for a 15 year term to manage the Phase I MANs.  In July 2009, following a further open tender process, enet was awarded a 15 year contract to manage the 60 Phase II MANs.

In order to provide certainty to the telecoms market, and to ensure the continued availability of the MANs infrastructure, the term of both MSE Contracts was extended to 2030.

Details of the Phase I and the Phase II MANs can be viewed in the tables below.

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