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Five Year Review of Funding of Public Service Broadcasting

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The ‘Five Year Review’ process was established in the Broadcasting Act 2009 as a means of conducting a periodic fundamental review of the funding of public service broadcasters. These reviews are carried out in conjunction with annual or single year reviews under section 124(2) of the 2009 Act.
Based on the findings of the review, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) is required to make a recommendation as to the adequacy of public funding required to allow both public service broadcasters, RTÉ and TG4, to fulfil their public service objects as set out in the Act, and to submit both these recommendations and the report itself to the Minister. The Minister is required to bring a copy of both documents to government. following this, the Government is required to publish a response to the BAI recommendations, and to publish both documents submitted to it by the BAI.
The first Five-Year Review was conducted by the BAI in 2013. In the course of its response, Government accepted a number of recommendations for legislative change and, in addition, initiated two specific studies, an economic analysis of the Irish advertising market, and a review of possible further efficiencies within RTÉ. These reviews, undertaken by Indecon and New Era respectively, have since been completed.
Copies of both reviews, redacted to exclude commercially sensitive information, are available below along with the review document itself (as prepared by Crowe Horwath), the BAI recommendations and a copy of the Government response.

Publication Documents



Economic Analysis of the Advertising Market - Indecon Report Analysis of Advertising Market - Indecon Report.pdfEconomic Analysis of the Advertising Market - Indecon Report20/04/2015 23:00:00pdf1723558
NewERA Review of RTÉ Review of RTÉ.pdfNewERA Review of RTÉ20/04/2015 23:00:00pdf2005287
Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Recommendations Authority of Ireland Recommendations.pdfBroadcasting Authority of Ireland Recommendations15/07/2013 23:00:00pdf398883
Five Year Review of Public Service Broadcasting Year Review of Funding of Public Service Broadcasting.pdfFive Year Review of Public Service Broadcasting15/07/2013 23:00:00pdf3788527
Government Response to the Five Year Review Response to the Five Year Review.pdfGovernment Response to the Five Year Review15/07/2013 23:00:00pdf258643