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Post Office Network Business Development Group


In January 2015, the Minister established the Post Office Business Development Group (the ‘Group’) in order to identify potential commercial opportunities available to the post office network. The Group has presented its initial report to the Minister which he has published as part of a consultation exercise designed to assist in identifying other opportunities that could be considered.

The consultation concluded on the 28 July 2015.  All submissions received are now available to view below.


Consultation Documents



Post Office Network Business Development Group Summary Report Office Network Business Development Group Consultation Summary.pdfPost Office Network Business Development Group Summary Report08/09/2015 23:00:00pdf336174
Business Development Group Consultation Questions Development Group Consultation Questions30/06/2015 23:00:00pdf181852
Report of the Post Office Network Business Development Group of the Post Office Network Business Development Group30/06/2015 23:00:00pdf524120

Consultation Submissions



Submission from Brendan Griffin TD Griffin TD.pdfSubmission from Brendan Griffin TD15/09/2015 23:00:00pdf193100
Submission from Brendan Singleton Singleton.pdfSubmission from Brendan Singleton15/09/2015 23:00:00pdf196248
Submission from Chambers Ireland Ireland.pdfSubmission from Chambers Ireland15/09/2015 23:00:00pdf316577
Submission from Cllr Sorcha O'Neill Sorcha O'Neill.pdfSubmission from Cllr Sorcha O'Neill15/09/2015 23:00:00pdf98686
Submission from Cllr Íde Cussen Íde Cussen.pdfSubmission from Cllr Íde Cussen15/09/2015 23:00:00pdf71999
Submission from Communications Workers' Union Workers' Union.pdfSubmission from Communications Workers' Union15/09/2015 23:00:00pdf257769
Submission from Denis Naughten TD Naughten TD.pdfSubmission from Denis Naughten TD15/09/2015 23:00:00pdf271724
Submission from Fianna Fáil Fáil.pdfSubmission from Fianna Fáil15/09/2015 23:00:00pdf223613
Submission from Hanna Andrykowska Andrykowska.pdfSubmission from Hanna Andrykowska15/09/2015 23:00:00pdf274296
Submission from Irish Farmers Association Farmers Association.pdfSubmission from Irish Farmers Association15/09/2015 23:00:00pdf417811