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National Broadband Plan Intervention Strategy Public Consultation

​The purpose of this public consultation was to seek the views of industry, stakeholders and members of the public, on the detailed measures proposed in the draft intervention strategy, published on 15 July 2015, and on the 7 expert reports that supported it.  Our draft strategy set out how the government proposes to ensure high-speed broadband is delivered in areas where the commercial sector will not invest on its own.  The public consultation closed on the 25th September.  The original strategy, reports and consultation documents are available in pdf format below.

41 responses were received.  These responses represented the views from nearly 70 different stakeholders including companies, agencies and individuals. The non-confidential elements of these responses are available at the 'view submissions' link.

This consultation was not a binding legal document and the Department is not bound by the views and preliminary positions set out in it. The consultation did not set out the Department's final or definitive position on particular matters. ​The intervention strategy and supporting reports were updated after the consultation and published on the 22nd December 2015. See the updated versions here.

Consultation Documents



Benefits of high speed broadband report of High Speed Broadband.pdfBenefits of high speed broadband report15/07/2015 12:00:00pdf1594625
Broadband Strategy for Ireland Strategy for Ireland.pdfBroadband Strategy for Ireland15/07/2015 12:00:00pdf2632633
Funding Report Report.pdfFunding Report15/07/2015 12:00:00pdf2272196
Governance Report Report.pdfGovernance Report15/07/2015 12:00:00pdf3407315
NBP Intervention strategy Report Intervention Strategy Report.pdfNBP Intervention strategy Report15/07/2015 12:00:00pdf886225
Ownership Report Report.pdfOwnership Report15/07/2015 12:00:00pdf1878140
State Aid Compliance Report Aid Compliance report.pdfState Aid Compliance Report15/07/2015 12:00:00pdf2050802
Technical Report Report.pdfTechnical Report15/07/2015 12:00:00pdf2025570
Benefits of High Speed Broadband template of high speed broadband template.pdfBenefits of High Speed Broadband template14/07/2015 23:00:00pdf1192310
Funding Template template.pdfFunding Template14/07/2015 23:00:00pdf1733863

Consultation Submissions



Michael Colreavy TD Colreavy T.D Final.pdfMichael Colreavy TD11/11/2015 12:10:00pdf2879431
ALTO Response.pdfALTO06/11/2015 16:55:00pdf4284591
BT Response.pdfBT06/11/2015 16:55:00pdf3014635
Axione Final.pdfAxione29/10/2015 14:40:00pdf115798
CK Elevation Elevation Final.pdfCK Elevation29/10/2015 14:40:00pdf1261395
Charles Stanley-Smith Stanley-Smith Final.pdfCharles Stanley-Smith29/10/2015 14:40:00pdf1261752
Communications Workers' Union Workers' Union Final.pdfCommunications Workers' Union29/10/2015 14:40:00pdf2905736
Cormac O Murchú O Murchú Final.pdfCormac O Murchú29/10/2015 14:40:00pdf440055
Corning FINAL.pdfCorning29/10/2015 14:40:00pdf4478831
Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland Final.pdfDepartment of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland29/10/2015 14:40:00pdf2958912