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Internet Content Governance Advisory Group Public Consultation

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The Internet Content Governance Advisory Group was formed in December 2013 to provide the Department with expert, independent advice in forming legislative, policy and regulatory recommendations to Government on a range of internet content governance issues for which responsibility is spread across a number of Government Departments.

The Group conducted a public consultation  on the emerging issues arising from widespread access to online content and its impact on society as a whole, taking particular account of issues of online safety arising from children and young people’s use of the Internet. 

This consultation ran between 28th January and 18th March 2014 and 59 responses were received during this period from citizens, industry, not for profit organisations and representative groups. The Group then used these responses to inform their policy recommendations. The Group also met with a number of the major international companies based in Ireland who operate in this space. 

Key stakeholder submissions received during the consultation process are as follows: 



Consultation Documents



Internet Content Consultation Paper Final Paper Final.pdfInternet Content Consultation Paper Final24/01/2014 00:00:00pdf328300

Consultation Submissions



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ChildWatch 00:00:00pdf548225
DigitalRightsIreland 00:00:00pdf139838
Eircom 00:00:00pdf354324
Facebook 00:00:00pdf501416
ISPAI 00:00:00pdf532155
IrishHeartFoundation 00:00:00pdf607851
Ispcc 00:00:00pdf403149
NPCSubmissiononInternetContent 00:00:00pdf1026854
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