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Consultation on Public Service Broadcasting Charge

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The Programme for Government commits to “examin[ing] the role, and collection of, the TV licence fee in light of existing and projected convergence of broadcasting technologies, transform the TV licence into a household-based Public Broadcasting Charge applied to all households and applicable businesses, regardless of the device they use to access content and review new ways of TV licence collection, including the possibility of paying in instalments through another utility bill (electricity or telecom), collection by local authorities, Revenue or new contract with An Post.”

Work carried out by the Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources led to the development of proposals for the introduction of a device-independent Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) Charge. These proposals were subsequently considered by an independently-chaired Value For Money (VFM) Policy Review Group and informed its deliberations and the recommendations contained in its Report.

The Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) Charge Consultation Document was developed on the basis of the work that had been already undertaken by the Department on this issue and on the Report of the VFM Review Group.

The Minister for Communications, Energy & Natural Resources invited comments and/or observations from all interested parties, including individuals, organisations, companies, and broadcasters, on any or all of the issues outlined in the Consultation Document.

Structure and Timeline

Where respondents made submissions they were requested to elaborate on their answers and to provide background for their submissions, where possible.

The Consultation Document set out a series of specific issues on which the Minister sought the views of respondents. Respondents were asked to address as many of the issues as they could with separate responses on each issue, as opposed to one narrative submission dealing with all the issues together. This approach aimed at facilitating the Minister’s consideration of the responses received. It should be noted that respondents were free to provide additional comments or observations on any matters that they considered relevant to the consultation.

Interested parties were invited to make their submission to:

Post: PSB Charge Consultation
Broadcasting Policy Division
Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources
29-31 Adelaide Road
Dublin 2.

The deadline for receipt of submissions was close of business 8th October 2013

Freedom of Information

Respondents should be aware that the Department is bound by the Freedom of Information legislation and where confidential or commercially sensitive information is included in their submissions the information should be clearly identified. The Department also reserves the right to publish the submissions received (subject to the redaction of clearly identified confidential or commercially sensitive information).​

Consultation Documents



PSB Charge Consultation Document Charge Consultation Document26/08/2013 23:00:00pdf326976
VFM Review on Introduction of a PSB Charge Review on Introduction of a PSB Charge26/08/2013 23:00:00pdf1131318

Consultation Submissions