TidyTowns Awards

​​​The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment sponsors the 'Climate Action and Clean Air' special award in the annual Tidy​Towns competition. This award aims to recognise the positive contributions that local communities can make in raising awareness and taking positive actions in addressing climate change and improving air quality.

Climate change and air quality are key issues for all of us. We must ensure that what we do today does not compromise our environment, but instead enhances it and makes it a place where all generations, current and future, can live sustainable and healthy lives.

Each committee should highlight one key awareness initiative or action in their community which makes a lasting and positive contribution to the climate change and air quality challenges. Marks will be awarded for:

  • Community involvement
  • Actions for change
  • Supporting sustainability
Judges will also award discretionary bonus marks for innovative and effective projects which could be replicated by other communities, in order to bring the same benefits to other areas. 


There are six prizes on offer, making a total prize fund of €6,000. They are:

  • €2,000 for the best entry from a village or small town (Category A, B, C or D of the main Tidy Towns competition)
  • €2,000 for the best entry from a large town or urban centre (Category E, F, G or H of the main Tidy Tows competition)
  • €1,500 in runner-up prizes (three prizes of €500 each, open to entries from all categories)
  • €500 special Youth Award for best project with a sig​nificant youth involvement (e.g. project carried out in association with a school, youth club, sports club, or similar)​