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Our Community Climate Action Award

The Tidy Towns 'Our Community Climate Action Award' is one of the Tidy Towns special competitions. It is sponsored by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment. The overall aim of the Award is to recognise the great input local communities can make in addressing climate change They can do this through their Tidy Towns activities. The main aims are to raise awareness and promote behaviour change. This will help lower their carbon footprint.


Awareness campaigns are very important in tackling climate change in Ireland. Spreading information on what climate change is and simple ways we can help are excellent Tidy Towns projects. One project winner Monaghan 2016, hosted a seminar with well informed speakers discussing climate change with the local community. Others projects include eco-camps and workshops. The workshops teach people about how they can be more economical with their energy as well as their carbon footprint! Ballycanew Tidy Towns also writes a column for their local newspaper on simple behavioural changes people can do to become more environmentally friendly.


Look back at some of our previous project examples for inspiration, including the 2017 winners. Ennis (2017 Large Town Winners), Ballycanew (2017, Small Town Winners), Monaghan (2016) have some truly inspiring projects. They engage the local community in taking real steps to tackle climate change through some simple steps.


In recent years our criteria from the Climate Action Award has changed. You may remember that 8 actions needed to be taken in 2016. However, since 2017, this number was reduced to one single innovated idea rather than many little actions.