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All of Government Plan on Climate Disruption

The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, recently received a mandate from Government to begin the preparation of a new All of Government Plan to bring about a step change in our climate ambition over the next decade, and beyond. The Minister's vision is that this new Plan will set out the actions which must be taken to make Ireland a leader in responding to climate change. It will have a strong focus on implementation, including actions with timelines and steps needed to achieve each action, assigning clear lines of responsibility for delivery.

The All of Government Plan on Climate Disruption will build on existing policy and will be organised around six themes that focus action across Government in all sectors of the economy that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. These key themes include:

  • Framework conditions
  • Adoption of known technologies
  • Addressing market failure
  • Driving change in business models
  • Public sector leading by example; and
  • Promoting behavioural change (harnessing the citizen and community effort)

Further information on the development of the Plan will be posted here as it is being progressed.