AIE Disclosure Log 2018


​​2018 List of non-personal Access to Information on the Environment Requests


​AIE No.​Requester​Date and Details of Request​Decision​Date Released
​AIE2018001​Business Interest Group

​17 January 2018.

Requesting funding to ENGO's from the Aarhus, the Bioeconomy & Environmental Awareness Division to be released to our group.



​19 January 2018
​AIE2018002​Member of the Public

​24 January 2018.

1.For the period 1st January 2016 to present

The information requested relates to the proposed targets to increase the share of plastic packaging waste prepared for reuse and recycling to 55 per cent in the European Circular Economy Package (hereinafter referred to as the CEP plastic target):

  • Agenda, minutes and any accompanying documents (to include emails) of meetings with any representatives of any of the below organisations/groups* in which the CEP plastic target is mentioned;
  • All correspondence (including letters) with any representatives of any of the below organisations/groups in which the CEP plastic target is mentioned;.

*The groups are:

    • Coca-Cola Ireland
    • Plastics Ireland
    • Ibec (for Irish Businesses)
    • Retail Ireland (Ibec) 
    • Irish Beverage Council
    • Repak

2. Since agreement in mid-December 2017 of the target for plastic packaging of 55% prepared for reuse/recycling by 2030,

  • Any reports, memos, circular letters, internal correspondence in which the department proposes how Ireland can meet the new CEP plastic target from the time of agreement to present.

​Part granted


The records are not available to view online due to it's volume, however can be obtained by contacting CSU

​22 February 2018

​21 February 2018.

My request relates to correspondence I have had with the EPA regarding the repatriation of waste from Northern Ireland and associated issues.  My request deals with the administrative work involved in protecting the environment and is covered by the AIE regulations.

I seek:
• A copy of the first and second framework agreements that were signed to deal with the repatriation of waste from Northern Ireland following on from the European Commission action after 2004.
• All correspondence with the EPA and internally arising from correspondence from the EPA in Nov 2015 to the Department of the Environment confirming that it would cease its investigations into original source of the waste - this should include any Departmental memo or report dealing with this matter.
• The details of the number and nature of requests the Department has been aware of from Northern Irish authorities regarding waste not covered by the Framework agreements but which were suspected to involved waste illegally dumped in the North which was suspected to have been moved from the South.



​21 March 2018
​AIE2018004​Member of the Public

​22 February 2018

Request for all documents concerning Clare County Councils proposed traffic management plan in Ennistymon to include construction of a new bridge and re-alignment of the existing road.

​Transferred​22 February 2018
​AIE2018005​Member of the Public

​21 February 2018

I wish to make an application for Information Under the European Communities (Access to Information on the Environment) Regulations 2007 to 2014, to seek the following Information :

I seek a copy of all information in all and original formats held by or for the DCCAE relating to Grant requests from Kilkenny County council in 2016, 2017 and to date in 2018; to include all relevant internal and external correspondence, such as but not limited to emails, notes, notes of telephone calls, memoranda, draft memoranda, reports, draft reports, maps, photos etc concerning this grant application/s; in short, I seek the entire files on any requests from Kilkenny county council within this time frame.

As this request may include some documents concerning an emission (namely, PCB's) into our environment, I would be very much obliged if the DCCAE ,or the detailed AIE officer, could expedite this decision and release this information to me as soon as possible.


​23 February 2018

My request relates to the administration of measures undertaken to protect the environment.  The request is a follow-on from which the Department dealt with fully and which was released on March 21, 2018. [Ref: AIE2018003].
This released, request contained the one set of minutes of a Meeting of the National Waste Enforcement Steering Committee.

The purpose of this request is to request a copy of the minutes of all meetings of this steering committee from January 1, 2011 to the present day.  I am making this request on the assumption that it is not a voluminous request as it would appear the records are held electronically, are likely to be stored together and appear to be quarterly so there are possible four meetings a year. 



​28 March 2018
​AIE2018007​Business/Interest Group.

​05 April 2018

Request for information under EU Directive 2003/4/EC which is attached as a
schedule to SI 2007-133 - European Communities (Access to Information on the
Environment) Regulations 2007 as amended. EU Directive 2014/52/EU states at 6.5
Member States shall take the necessary measures to ensure that the relevant
information is electronically accessible to the public, through at least a central portal
or easily accessible points of access, at the appropriate administrative level.
Please provide the web addresses of the easily accessible points of access, at which
electronic copies of submitted EIA Reports are available.

​Transferred​06 April 2018
​AIE2018008​Business/Interest Group

​19 April 2018.

Seeking Seabird spatial data and  final reports from the 'ObSERVE Aerial' project. Spatial Data in the form of Shapefiles.

​Withdrawn​19 April 2018

​03 May 2018

Minutes of the meetings and a copy of the email referred to in this entry on the lobbying register

All information generated in response to the lobbying including any internal information and any further correspondence arising

​AIE2018010Business/Interest Group

​02 May 2018

Seeking access to all records held by the Department relating to exploration and extraction of oil and gas by Providence Resources PLC and/or EXOLA DAC and APEC Energy Enterprise Ltd. (China) at Barryroe SEL 1/11 and Barryroe East Extension.

​AIE2018011​Member of the Public

​23 May 2018

1. all minutes from meetings of the Renewable Energy Development Group.

2. all reports / documents / advisory notes / memos prepared by or on behalf of the Renewable Energy Development Group (REDG).

3. Confirmation as to whether sub-groups of the REDG were formed and convened meetings. If so, the names of these sub-groups.

​AIE2018012​Member of the Public

24 May 2018

​All information and correspondence, including all internal correspondence, all correspondence with the Minister or Ministers, all correspondence with Wicklow County Council, all correspondence with the EPA and all correspondence with the EU Commission and the European Court of Justice, relating to the following findings of the High Court case No. 56 SP, Brownfield Restoration Ireland Ltd vs Wicklow County Council: